About Us

Red Carpet Live Entertainment & Communication was started in Florence in 1969 thanks to the great insight and creativity of Moreno Sonatori, and has become a point of reference on an international level in the conception, implementation and management of artistic events, whether corporate, commercial or private. Creativity and innovation together with the value of experience are the keys to an activity that is at the forefront of our proposals.

A rich portfolio of artists and motivational speakers combined with a wide range of services and types of events, allows Sonatori Live Entertainment & Communication to meet the requests of our clients on several levels: with entertainment, communications, training and motivation. Our extensive experience gives our customers the opportunity to have a direct and privileged contact with various artists, comedians and journalists who appear in some of the most popular Italian television programs.

Barry White, Lionel Richie, Donna Summer, Ella Fitzgerald, Annie Lenox, Lady Gaga, Anastascia, Ennio Morricone, Andrea Bocelli, Fiorello, Eleanor Abbagnato, Roberto Bolle, Pele, Cesare Prandelli and David Guetta are just a few examples of international talent with whom we have worked to produce extremely memorable events.

Companies, individuals, government agencies and charitable organizations have all found in Sonatori the ideal partner to realize the events that literally captivate their audience.


We believe that an event is the best way to engage people on an emotional level. Our ability to amaze and enrapture your guests, filling them with wonder and enthusiasm, comes from years of experience and hard work.

We create original concepts and carry out the event with extreme professionalism and expertise, paying special attention to every detail from start to finish.

Innovation is also an important service that we provide to our customers. Therefore, in addition to drawing from our network of established artists and performers, we continue to research emerging art forms and up and coming young talent, in a continuous effort to create events that evoke passion and emotion. Over the years professionalism and innovation have become the strengths of Sonatori Live Entertainment & Communication.


We believe that working in a beautiful environment is an added value, and we define a beautiful environment as one that is interesting both for its cultural heritage as well as its natural one. We build relationships with our customers, artists and partners based on clarity and attentiveness, guided by a particular sensitivity towards acceptance and inclusivity.

Respect is the inspiration of our actions:

We operate with an ethical and responsible approach towards the world that hosts us. We are able to meet the ever growing needs to reduce negative impact on the environment, essential to companies concerned with choosing events designed to be environmentally sustainable. We work with Treedom to contribute to reforestation and zero carbon emissions, and are longtime supporters of the Associazione Città Ciclabile di Firenze, an association dedicated to promoting cycling as a means of transportation in the city of Florence.