Creating emotions

Red Carpet Live Entertainment & Communication has been organizing events in Florence and throughout the world for over 40 years. With professionalism and creativity we organize events for all kinds of occasions: Cocktails, Gala Dinners, Conventions, Meetings and Product Launches, Festivals, Private Parties, Weddings and more.

We believe that the right event has the power to communicate in a unique, innovative, and intense way that will excite and amaze your audience. The use of music, dance, entertainment, the arts, inspirational speakers and high profile personalities helps create the perfect event and evoke particular emotions.

Whether for intimate gatherings or large events, whether in a historic venue, a contemporary space or an outside setting, we structure the event to fulfill your objectives and through emotions we loyalize, educate, entertain and amuse your guests.

The quality of our service is guaranteed by our professional team with years of experience in the industry and by our solid relationships with established artists and personalities in the entertainment world whose services we are able to provide for events of any dimension. Through this ongoing relationship of trust and collaboration, we are able to enhance your event with local or international talent.

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